Breaches of customer data on the rise

The announcement by Talk Talk that customers’ data may have been compromised by a cyber-attack on 22nd October 2015 highlights the increasing number and audacity of such crimes. The Information Commissioner requires organisations to handle individuals’ data with an acceptable level of care and with safeguards against theft. Insurance against the legal liabilities to others and damage to own systems caused by such attacks have been around for a while, but are now entering the mainstream, with at least two major insurers now starting such cover for around £100.00, as an extension to a Commercial Combined, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability or Professional Indemnity policy. Where this is not appropriate, separate policies are also available from a number of providers.

Please call or email your usual Insurance Services Surrey representative who will be able to advise you on appropriate insurance solutions to protect your organisation and take time to review how your information is secured, both in the office and on laptops and ‘phones.