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In the Third Sector every organisation is different; their risks are diverse & unique.

At Insurance Services Surrey we believe that our attentive, personal approach enables us to fully understand your organisation, leading to the recommendation of third sector insurance covers that match your needs and satisfy your budget.

Recently we have met with numerous charities, voluntary and community projects whose insurance arrangements had not been reviewed for many years; we found them to be outdated and under-insured.

In today’s world, the third sector of charities, voluntary and non-profit making organisations face particular risks which include:

  • Complying with insurance clauses of contracts relating to service provision
  • Accusations of negligent advice
  • Claims against trustees and managers for negligent actions
  • Building security not complying with insurers requirements
  • Theft of funds by staff or hackers
  • Human resources legislation relating to employees and voluntary staff

Risks such as these and others need to be managed within tight budgets; the insurance often is the responsibility of someone with many other commitments. Let Insurance Services Surrey act as your insurance broker, ensuring that risks are discussed, assessed and covered where appropriate by our network of insurers who specialise in the third sector, notably non-profit organisations.

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